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Our Top 11 Royal Inspired Baby Names

“Extra, Extra! Read All About It!”

The rebellious and likeable Prince Harry has finally found his match and is officially off the market. Say what!! Prince Harry announced his engagement to girlfriend Meghan Markle on 27 November. In case you haven’t heard of her, no she is not English, she is not Royal and she is not from a well to do family. Meghan is an African-American Actress who spends most of her days on the TV drama set of Suits. We knew we loved Harry for a reason.

So, that means there’s going to be another Royal wedding in Spring (our Autumn) for the English Royal Family. I personally can’t wait to see what non-traditional curveballs Harry and Meghan throw at Her Majesty. He is like the boisterous son that just keeps pushing the boundaries.

So, in honour of His Royal Highness and his soon to be new bride, we wanted to help them pick out a new name for their first born. I know we are getting ahead of ourselves. But, as is traditionally the case in these situations, we wanted to be the first ones to start that ball rolling before New Idea and the British tabloids start with the pregnancy rumours 4 weeks after their honeymoon.

Our top 11 Royal inspired baby names that you can steal for your own Prince or Princess.


Strong and confident, this name is a classic that doesn’t go in and out of fashion unlike some. Alexander the Great comes to mind.


This name always makes me think of the movie Kate and Leopold, but you could do worse than look like Hugh Jackman! Shorten to Leo for a modern twist.


A cute little name that is most common with Prince Christian of Denmark. Another famous Christian is Christian Bale… again, you could do worse!


Another Danish Royal and another who is pleasant to look at. Frederick is another strong name that is making a slow return. Freddie is becoming a more common and modern shortened version.


This name always seems to remain constant in the most popular baby names list. It is a classic name that stays true to fashion a bit like a good pair of jeans.


Like it’s male counterpart, Alexandra is a classically pretty name that stands the test of time. Variations include Alexis, Alexa and Alexia which Harry and Meghan may be more interested in.


Popular through the royal lines, Victoria is a strong, classic royal name that I’m surprised William and Kate haven’t snapped up yet. Maybe Will’s and Kate’s sure to be gorgeous baby number 3 will have the pleasure of adorning this name if it is a girl?


Synonymous with Grace of Monaco, this is a name that, even though it holds royal significance, is one that fits seamlessly into modern day life.


The front runner for William and Kate’s 3rd baby should it be a Princess, Alice is a sweet name that has become more popular with Tina Fey using it for her daughter and the remake of the famous fairy tale.


This seems more like a Harry and Meghan style. A little modern and unique to the Royal family, but a name that is very pretty and popular in Egyptian times.

Catherine / Kate

We love the classic name Kate. So elegant and I have never met a Kate I didn’t like. Guaranteed to stand the test of time and not be a flash in the pan. Maybe not one for Harry and Meghan though.


So that is our curated list for Harry and Meghan. I am actually thinking maybe they should consider moving a little quicker on the baby front before William and Kate will have them all snapped up!

What are your favourite royal baby names? Does your child have a name befitting of Royalty?

We’d love to hear your baby names and how you decided on the name you selected. It doesn’t have to be Royal Inspired, we just love babies and names!