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The Search For Cute Kids Bucket Hats Stops Here

It’s slip, slop, slap time. And we’ve got to say, here at TTC we’ve got the slap covered! Breathe a sigh of relief that you can stop your google searches for cute kids bucket hats. Bedhead Hats are in store and we’ve got 10 reasons why you don’t need to search anymore.


We really don’t need to say anything else here. UPF50+ is the highest UV rating in Australia and all Bedhead Hats fabrics and designs are stringently tested to meet this standard. Cheap hats don’t have this rating and therefore cannot guarantee protection for your child from harmful UV rays.

They’re Cute!

I don’t know about you, but is there anything that melts your heart more than seeing a cute little face peering out from under their summer hat. For years our summer photos have been laden with coloured bucket hats, floppy hats and even straw hats. Bedhead Hats have some pretty cool designs that will certainly be the talk of your summer photos this year!

Anti-Flop Brim

This is genius in itself! How many times do you wash your child’s hat and the brim flops. It almost makes the hat unwearable. Well, let me tell you that Bedhead Hats have innovatively designed a brim insert that will stop the flop! Even when washed. I’m sold right here.

Chin Strap

If the no flop brim didn’t sell you then surely this will. Chin straps that are soft and stretchy and won’t annoy little chins. For me a chin strap is a must for young children because who really has time to chase hats all over the park or beach. And being stretchy, they have a lot more give than your corded types, alleviating the fear a lot of us parents have over chin straps. Oh, and their childcare range has a safety release mechanism just in case they do get caught.

Style Choices

Hats can be tricky things to manage, especially with kids and even more so if they don’t like wearing hats. Most of the time it’s because they can be annoying or uncomfortable. Bedhead Hats are made from soft cotton that allow for a bit of give and stretch. There are also 4 styles available so you can find one that suits your child’s needs. There is the Baby Bucket and Kids Bucket varieties which are full brim and give 360 degree protection from the sun. These are perfect for playing, running and daily activities. There are the Legionnaires hats which have a protective brim along the front and a flap along the back to give the full 360 degree protection without compromising on functionality. The Legionnaire is perfect for children and babies still in prams as there is no brim interfering with their sitting. Then there is the ponytail bucket which is absolutely perfect for any little girl with a ponytail. Simply thread the ponytail through the purposefully made gap in the back and you have a hat that fits perfectly. No more getting hair caught in those troublesome cap adjusters!

Of course, all styles of hats are UPF50+, have a chin strap for convenience and are all anti-flop!

Swim Range

If the everyday range has sold you but you are wondering about the pool days, Bedhead Hats have thought of that too! Their swim range covers their Bucket hat and Legionnaire hat ranges with UPF50+ quick drying chlorine-safe swim material. They are perfectly safe for the pool or beach and yep, you guessed it, they are anti-flop too… even when wet!


As Mums this is something we have to think about. Having your child’s favourite red anything run in the wash is just not something we need to deal with. Bedhead Hats wash up really well, even the bright colours and they will still look good after multiple washes and line drying.


The range caters for the smallest of babies right up to 12 years with more sizes continually being added as demand increases. Their young baby size is a tiny 37cm so even the smallest of bubs can be protected from the sun. This is also a great opportunity to get babies used to wearing hats from a young age, before they become Mr. or Miss. Independent!


Bedhead Hats are made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex Jersey to give them a nice little bit of stretch whilst remaining soft and cool through summer. The extra give means your child won’t outgrow their hat as quickly which is always a bonus!

They’re Aussie!

We love this the most! Aussie hats for Aussie kids because who knows our climate better than locals. And you can rest assured you are supporting an Australian family owned business.

Ok, now we’ve gone through all the boring bits, it’s time for the fun part! Deciding which design to choose. This one we can’t help you with because we love them all too! Jump on over to see the Bedhead Hats summer range here.