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how to make kids schools hoes last longer and care for school shoes

5 Hacks To Make Kids’ School Shoes Last Longer

July 20, 2018 3 min read

School shoes are tricky things to make last a term let alone a whole school year. If your kids feet are still growing, then you will most likely be buying 2 or 3 pairs of school shoes throughout the year. But if your kids feet aren’t growing as much, then you may be lucky and get through the year with the same pair of shoes.
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australian kids shoes sizes and kids shoe size guide solved

The Mystery of Inconsistent Kids Shoe Sizing in Australia Solved!

June 25, 2018 2 min read

It’s that time again when your kid needs a new pair of shoes. Great, back to trolling the shops with grumpy kid in tow trying on endless pairs of shoes. Choosing the right shoe size for your kids should be straight forward. But, unfortunately, as us parents find out time and time again, it’s not that simple.
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how to measure kids shoes and shoe buying hacks to get it right

7 Shoe Buying Hacks You Need To Know

June 19, 2018 3 min read

There’s the thought that buying shoes can be a difficult process. Especially when it comes to the smaller members of the family. Their feet grow so quickly, how do you really know if the shoes fit. Luckily, we’ve been there and done that and we’re here to help you through the process. And trust me, after you’ve done it once or twice, you will wonder why you ever battled the shops with a toddler in tow in the first place.

When it comes to buying kids shoes online, there are a couple of things you need to know. Well, we’ve come up with 7 actually.

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being a mum is tough and we're all there with you

The Things They Don’t Tell You Pre Kids

June 11, 2018 3 min read

Ok, so I know this may come as a shock to some and a little late for others. But as a Mum, there is a list of things I have noticed that no one told me pre-kids. I heard all the gooey positive things about having kids, but there were some areas that I clearly had the rose coloured glasses on.
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What Mums REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

What Mums REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

May 09, 2018 3 min read

Ok, I’m going to cut right to the chase here. Mother’s Day is this Sunday and in predictable social media fashion we cue all the Mother’s Day posts and blogs about what to get us.

“Buy Mum this.”

“Get that.”

“Take Mum here she will love it!”

You know what, as much as I’d love that shiny new Prada bag I saw at the shops the other day (OMG!!), what I really want won’t cost you 3 mortgage repayments! You can even genuinely forget about Mother’s Day and still have enough time to get these presents sorted!

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Setting a Routine For Your Kids - It Can Be Done... I Think!

Setting a Routine For Your Kids - It Can Be Done... I Think!

April 15, 2018 3 min read

Today I want to talk about setting a routine for your kids.This is something I always struggled with. I don’t think it was the creating one, it was more the sticking to to it part that always seemed to beat me.

If you struggle with setting and keeping a routine for your kids, then these tips might just help you break that cycle of always “starting”.

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Caring For Leather Shoes Is Easier Than You Think

Caring For Leather Shoes Is Easier Than You Think

April 03, 2018 2 min read

It’s amazing how a shiny new pair of shoes can put a pep in your step. Kids love getting new shoes to show off to their friends or Grandma. We, as Mums, well, we just love to get a new pair of anything really! If I’m buying a new pair of shoes, I generally opt for leather as they tend to longer and I find leather shoes so comfortable. I tend to choose leather for the kids as well where practical.

The one thing with leather shoes though, is like a timber decking, whilst they look great they can take a little extra care to keep them looking that way. Most of us get away with a bit of polish here and there, but there is a process to caring for leather shoes so they look their best for years to come.

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4 Easter Weekend Activities You Can Do With Your Kids at Home

4 Easter Weekend Activities You Can Do With Your Kids at Home

March 19, 2018 4 min read

So in the blink of an eye and click of a finger Easter is upon us. Already. It seriously feels like last week we were wrapping Christmas presents and tracking Santa on the radar. Now, all of a sudden, we are preparing to play Easter Bunny and working out how to deal with the sugar high. Does it ever stop!

This got me thinking, what activities can I do with the kids that will be fun, not annoy me too much and keep them entertained. Bearing in mind that shops and most fun places are closed for 2 of the 4 days, we need activities that can be done at home. Simple, engaging Easter themed activities that you can do over the course of the weekend.

So, welcome to our 4 day Easter activity guide to help you get through the Easter weekend.

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Nutella or Baileys Chocolate Truffles... You Choose!

Nutella or Baileys Chocolate Truffles... You Choose!

February 19, 2018 3 min read

Ok Mums, we’ve done it.

We’ve finally cracked.


The last few weeks has taken its toll and we just can’t do it anymore.

Today we are de-kidifying (is that even a word?) our blog and making all about you!

Follow us to the world of Bailey Chocolate Truffles and Nutella Chocolate Truffles if you will.

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back to school shoes online for kids

Buying The Right School Shoes For Your Kids

February 04, 2018 3 min read

Back to school. They are three words we long to hear as parents. By the time mid January rolls around we are all looking for the escape button so we can get back to our steady (and somewhat quieter) routines. But the down side of back to school is the shopping list. From school books to uniforms to laptops the list seems never ending and all of a sudden those three lifesaving words have lost a bit of their lustre.
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cute baby and kids sunglasses by babiators sold by stockist tiptoe and co

Why Baby and Kids Sunglasses Are More Than Just Cute Accessories

January 02, 2018 3 min read

Shades, sunglasses, specs, sunnies, whatever you call them, they are one of the go to accessories for us adults. Like the car keys, we never leave the house without them. For some they’re a fashion statement, but for most they are to protect our eyes… and so we can see when driving! But what about babies and kids?

Do they need sunglasses or are they just a cute little accessory?

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royal inspired baby names for prince harry and meghan markle

Our Top 11 Royal Inspired Baby Names

December 02, 2017 3 min read

The rebellious and likeable Prince Harry has finally found his match as is officially off the market. Say what!! Prince Harry announced his engagement to girlfriend Meghan Markle on 27 November. In case you haven’t heard of her, no she is not English, she is not Royal and she is not from a well to do family. Meghan is an African-American Actress who spends most of her days on the TV drama set of Suits. We knew we loved Harry for a reason.
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