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Buying The Right School Shoes For Your Kids

Back to school. They are three words we long to hear as parents. By the time mid January rolls around we are all looking for the escape button so we can get back to our steady (and somewhat quieter) routines. But the down side of back to school is the shopping list. From school books to uniforms to laptops the list seems never ending and all of a sudden those three lifesaving words have lost a bit of their lustre.

The funny thing is though, of all the purchases we have to make as parents to school kids, the school shoes are the most feared. Just the thought of having to take the kids to the shops in the first place is enough to send you running. Couple that with the “I want the pink shoes and not the black ones” argument and “Mum, these shoes hurt my feet” and it can honestly be all too much. Thank goodness for online shopping I say.

Buying the right school shoe isn’t rocket science, but there are some key points to look for to lessen the school shoe pain. We can’t help with the colour as black is the new pink when it comes to school shoes, but we can help lessen the whines just a little.

Look for quality.

As tempting as it may be to buy the first $20 pair of black shoes that you see, quality is something I can’t stress enough in kids shoes. Look for leather shoes as they are a natural material that will breathe and also soften and mould to your child’s foot. I know it can be hard to justify when you’re up to your 3rd pair of shoes for the year, but I can say in my experience the better quality shoes do pay for themselves. I have found I am replacing them a lot less and my kids are a lot happier wearing their school shoes as they don’t hurt their feet. Even one less trip to the shops for new shoes is a win in my book.

Look for comfort.

There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Hard edges that dig in are especially painful, especially for young feet wearing the same shoes every day. Look for school shoes that have extra padding around the ankles and heels as this will help with reducing blisters and shoes rubbing in the wrong places. A strong heel support is also something to look for.

Easy on and off.

If you have young kids or your child is going to school for the first time, it’s important to buy them shoes they can easily take on and off. A velcro strap is a good feature to have on school shoes as they are easily adjusted and tightened and your child will be able to manage their own shoes. This will also help with their independence and alleviate the shoe lace mishaps.

Flexible sole.

Kids run and play a lot and school is no exception. A good sole that is flexible and sturdy will keep play time fun and your child on their feet! Look for a sole that can bend, especially in the centre where most movement is needed. We also recommend a good quality rubber sole as rubber soles grip the ground best and are also hard wearing.

Our range of school shoes have been selected based on the key points above as we know there is no substitute for a good shoe. When your feet are going to carry you through life for the next 80 plus years, you need to look after them!

So, we can’t help with the school books or the laptop purchase, but we’ve got your school shoe woes all sorted.