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Four Shoe Storage Solutions for Your Home

Leather or synthetic, wide or narrow fit, round or pointed toe, shoes are a necessity to our everyday dress, for some a fashion obsession. But having them randomly sprawled from one end of your home to another is frustrating and an annoyance. Constantly tripping over shoes with an armful of groceries is enough to send any parent to breaking point.

Fortunately, there are a number of shoe storage solutions available, from portable furniture that can move with you to permanent cabinetry solutions custom built for your home.

Portable Furniture for Shoe Storage

If you are renting or own a heritage-listed building, you’re limited in what physical changes you can make to your home structurally. Portable shoe storage solutions are therefore the most practically, but don’t have to be limited to an unstylish plastic bucket. There are some wonderful ideas you can implement to keep those shoes organised.

Under the Bed Shoe Storage

Every parent is aware of the storage space to be found under the bed, it’s normally the location lost toys and books can be recovered and were monsters reside (well mostly). Bed manufacturers are even starting to reconsider the storage space capacity of ensemble beds, with newer models featuring pull out draws and even gas struts to lift mattresses for storage access underneath.

For simple timber or metal bedframes, timber boxes, wicker or plastic baskets pushed under the bed are a great shoe storage solution. However, they may catch on carpet or even scratch timber floors. One creative solution to this problem is a custom-made shoebox on casters that can be easily pushed back under the bed. A handyman or cabinetmaker can easily build this storage system in a few short hours.

Free Standing Furniture for Shoe Storage

Whilst there is purpose built shoe storage furniture available, from ottoman’s with shoe holes to pull out draw systems, you can get creative and select a piece of furniture that fits with your home style. For example, an old post office timber pigeonhole can make for lovely country inspired shoe storage solution. Whilst a vintage glass display cabinet, can be a truly stunning way to show off your shoe fetish in the bedroom.

Permanent Cabinetry Shoe Solutions

If you own your own home, it’s worth investigating a permanent shoe storage solution. Whilst the home handyman can complete some of these projects, others may require the expert knowledge and skill of a cabinetmaker to build. Before launching into the project however, you need to consider your families needs. Ask yourself a few questions; how many shoes will require storage per person, what solution will fit with your lifestyle and will your family use it.

Staircase Shoe Storage

Boxed in staircases can hide a cavernous storage area underneath. This space can be used cleverly for a shoe storage, either with pull out drawers and coat racking accessed from the sidewall or sliding drawers located under individual stair treads.

The use of a staircase for shoe storage really requires the skill of a cabinetmaker, as the structural integrity of the staircase should be seriously considered before the project is undertaken. A cabinetmaker can also ensure that the external appearance of the pull out draws is not ostentatious, but discreet and complimentary to the space.

Shoe Wardrobes

There are numerous ways to convert a wardrobe into a shoe storage dream.

Lazy Susan’s and pigeonhole boxing are ideal for built in or walk in wardrobe spaces. They are limited only by the fact that they are located in individual bedrooms rather then in general living areas. A solution to this problem is to convert an unused or wasted linen cupboard into a large shoe storage solution. Simply gut the linen cupboard of shelving and re-shelf with angled shelving appropriately spaced for optimum storage capacity. It the cupboard is cavernous, consider installing a basket system on the back of the door, perfect storage space for ballet flats, thongs and sandals.

No mater what your space, there is a shoe storage solution to suit you. Say ‘goodbye’ to tripping over shoes with an armful of groceries and ‘hello’ to organised living space.

Chris Polvari has been a cabinetmaker for over 20 years and his company Urban Accent has been beautifying homes for more than eight years.