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How Many Pairs of Shoes Do Kids Actually Need?

I’m going to say something that might shock you here. I know I am in the shoe business, so I should be telling you to buy as many pairs of kids shoes as you can afford. But, I’m actually going to tell you the opposite! What if I was to tell you there are only five pairs of shoes kids need? Yes, you heard (or read) me right. Just five pairs of shoes. You’d think I was nuts wouldn’t you?

Although I can be known to lose the plot occasionally, not this time. Thankfully, the plot and I are very much in tact and I am ready to share my kids’ shoe experiences and advice with you.

Quality over quantity.

Why I say your kids only need five pair of shoes is simple.

I am firm believer that you are better off buying five pairs of good quality shoes than ten pairs of cheap and nasty shoes.

Firstly, the quality of the shoe generally determines how long it will last. Now, I realise there are the select few who it doesn’t seem to matter what shoes they have on. They are ruined in three weeks and you’re off shoe shopping again. But points two and three will still be relevant for your little one who loves to give their shoes a hard time.

Which brings me to point number two, your child’s feet are hugely important. Their feet will be carrying them through the next 80+ years, so they need to be looked after. Poorly fitting or poorly constructed shoes play a big part in foot issues later in life. Quality shoes take this into consideration. Soles are made specifically for developing feet and they are lightweight and supportive of their foot. Cheaper shoes can either be like wearing surfboards or paper and the materials are generally 100% synthetic.

Thirdly, for the money you save buying the cheaper pair of shoes, you could end up buying twice as many, therefore not saving anything at all. If you think about it, the better quality shoes may have only been $10 or $15 dearer than the cheap ones at the time.

Let’s say the cheap shoes cost $20, while the higher quality ones are an extra $15, bumping them up to $35. A good quality shoe can often last twice as long as an inferior one, sometimes even longer. This means you’d be spending an extra $5 on two cheaper shoes in the same time you would have only needed to purchase one high quality pair.


So, what are the top 5 shoes that your child needs in their wardrobe? 

Runners / Sneakers – Every child, boy or girl, needs a sturdy pair of sneakers in their shoe line up. Playing is a vital part of being a kid and you can’t play in your Sunday best. Runners are also versatile and will go with most outfits in their wardrobe. You could even take the fun a little further and surprise them with light up sneakers like these  Skechers light up sneakers! Or how about some classic white lop-top Converse?

Sunday Best – Even though they aren’t worn as much as the sneakers, your child will need a pair of good going out shoes for special occasions and outings. While Sunday best’s can’t be worn for playing, sneakers can’t be worn to a wedding. If you’re looking for a pair of “wow” shoes for your little girl check out  Lily! Or if your little man is needing a pair of black shoes that can be worn casually or dressed up, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of  black Vans.

Casual shoes – similar to their sneakers, you kids will need a pair of casual weekend shoes. Perfect for trips to the shops or Grandma’s house, these shoes will be cute and stylish to pair with their favourite jeans or skirt. Think Converse like these super fun  Gold Converse shoes right here!

Beach / play sandals – In summer kids will be outside more than ever and usually there is water involved. A pair of beach sandals are usually a little more lightweight yet are made from sturdy materials to survive the beach, sand, pool, daycare and everything in between. Activ’s ‘Flip’ sandals are a good example of beach and play sandals that are made to endure the fun times.

On a seasonal basis: 

Sandals – Generally summer is hot regardless of which part of Australia you are in. Every kid needs a good pair of sandals made from leather. This is because leather is a natural material which helps their feet breathe, reducing sweating in the heat. Good sandals can be worn for casual outings or special occasions.

Boots – Just as you need sandals in summer, your child will need a good pair of boots in winter. Leather boots with lining will keep their feet warm and dry during the crisp, cold days. Just like these cute little pink leather boots.

Bonus pair:

School shoes – If your child is at school, we’d wager to say they need just one extra pair of shoes to to push them over the line to six. A good pair of school shoes will suit every season of the year while providing the support your child’s foot needs and the protection from the elements while they learn and play.

And there you have it, the only 5 pairs of shoes your kids will need in their wardrobe. The beauty of this is it will also save you time and money shopping for shoes. Now you can afford to buy the shoes you have had your eye on for the past few weeks! Wink, wink.