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How to Create the Ultimate Budget Saving Unicorn Birthday Party

“I want a unicorn party”… Those 5 words you dread to hear when, in a moment of weakness, you ask your little girl what kind of birthday party she would like. Instantly your mind goes into a pink, purple and aqua flat spin and you seriously wonder how you are going to pull it off.

Thankfully, unicorns are HOT right now so you’re in good company. Instagram feeds are trending with images of gorgeously whimsical unicorns and so many creatives are designing masterpieces just for the occasion. When it comes to a birthday party though, those cute cushions and wall prints just won’t cut it. So how do you create your little girl’s dream unicorn party without losing your mind, or money, in the process?

Fear not, we’ve been there done that and bought the unicorn t-shirt as they say. Our ultimate budget unicorn birthday party tips will have you singing from the rainbows and avoiding having to take out that second mortgage. Here’s how it’s done!


Firstly the cake. I just have to get this one out the way now as it’s just too cute and too yummy. I know you might be wondering how on earth you make a unicorn cake and get it to look anything like a unicorn. But let me share this little video with you that I saw recently that literally made me sing for joy. It has all the colours, feels and fun of a unicorn cake, but there is no shape cutting! This masterpiece is all done with a batch of cupcakes and some frosting!

How good was that!

But, if it’s a one piece cake you are looking for, we’ve found the perfect unicorn cake kit for you. The DIY cake kit comes with everything you need including a template, coloured icing, how- to instructions and even the cake mix. It doesn’t get much easier that this. Check it out here.


The ultimate unicorn table decor. Image credit and copyright Creative Converting and copyright Pink Frosting.

You just can’t have a themed birthday party and not have the table decorated. As the usual centrepiece of any birthday, it just can’t be left undressed. If you are looking to really glam it up, we have found the BEST place for your unicorn party supplies. Pink Frosting literally have everything you could ever need and it’s all online. You don’t even have to leave the house. Now that is my kind of shopping. Click here and pop on over to have a quick squiz at their unicorn display, it’s ok, we’ll wait.

Are you sold on the unicorn party idea yet?

If your budget doesn’t quite extend to a full unicorn display, you can substitute bits and pieces with plain colour-coordinated alternatives. Think a pink plastic table cloth with mauve napkins and light blue or aqua cutlery for a pretty unicorn effect. Sprinkle your table with some metallic stars or glitter stars and it will look like something out of a magical fairy tale.


What’s a unicorn birthday party without games. The easiest win you can get is pin the tail on the donkey. Except, you guessed it, Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. It’s as simple as substituting the donkey out for a pretty unicorn and a horn instead of a tail. If you are feeling creative, you will be able to make this yourself. But if you would much rather honour someone else’s hard work, there are plenty of printables available online – and most are free. Pinterest is a good place to start and here is one I found in my travels.


If you loved the unicorn settings we showed you earlier but you’re on a tight budget (we hear you) then printables are what you need. We found this gorgeous set of unicorn party printables that are FREE. Yep, the lovely lady at Catch My Party has designed a stunning set of invites and banners for you to freely print. Gotta love a good freebie. Download them here.

Another easy win is balloons. You don’t need to go all out with unicorn shaped heads, simple colour match your balloons to your table setting. As we mentioned before, pink, purple and light blue work really well and you might even try adding in a silver or gold for a pretty metallic contrast.


No birthday party is complete without a smorgasbord of unicorn inspired food. We’ve found some really clever ways to unicorn it up in style. Here are a few suggestions:

Fairy bread: The classic fairy bread takes on a whole new look when you roll it into swirls as shown. Think jam swiss roll and your on the money.

Sprinkle dipped strawberries: Dip the tip of strawberries in white chocolate or white frosting and then  cover in pastel coloured sprinkles.

Fruit platter: A staple of most functions, design your fruit platter as a rainbow with fruits to match. Blueberries, strawberries and melons all work well and can be easily arranged into a rainbow shape.

Unicorn horns: Cover some ice-cream wafer cones with coloured chocolate and pastel sprinkles and place upright on a tray.

At first just the thought of attempting a unicorn party was too much to think about, let alone a budget unicorn birthday party. But it’s actually one of the easier parties to set up if you think about it and one of the few that meets our budget saving requirements. And not to mention super fun!

Have a great unicorn birthday party from one Mum to another.

* I just want to add, we are not affiliated with any of the referenced stores, we just love unicorns!

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