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Our Top 7 Buys For The Ultimate Australian Summer

Summer is hands-down the BEST time of year! The sky is blue, the sun is shining and you can practically feel the sand between your toes. Nothing beats an Aussie summer and we are the luckiest folk on the planet that we get to experience it every single year!

For the other 6 months of the year I spend my down time (ok, so the time I should be doing the housework) looking for the best summer buys and the perfect beach gadgets ready for our summer fun. Living in Perth, the outdoors and beach life is a big part of our lifestyle. But as amazing as that is, we still need the ultimate summer accessories to make it perfect.

So, what are they I hear you ask? Glad you asked because luckily I have collated the top 7 buys for the ultimate Australian summer that I am going to share with you. And being a Mum, my list also includes must-haves for the kiddies. Ok, being a Mum my list contains most things for the kiddies and a few nice-to-haves for me.

Anyway, enough from me, here they are…

Sorry, one last thing, make sure you keep reading to the end as I have a little secret to share with you… promise you will love it! Ok, now I’m done…

Swim Rashie For You – Swim Dress

I’m putting this one first because, Mums, you need this in your life. Designed and created by a local Aussie Mum, the Honeybell rashies are going to be your go to for the beach, pool or anywhere there is water. Made for us women, they are comfortable, lightweight and flatter our bodies, not hug them to death. They are also UPF/SPF 50+ and can I just say, the shirtdress is genius!

Kids Rashie Tops

Not to be outdone, sun protection for the kids is a must, especially under the hot Australian sun. Rashies are a must and they must be SPF 50+ and preferably long sleeve to cover most if not all of the arms. As we know, nothing hurts more than the sun. I love Heavenlee with their cute designs and matching board shorts and cute little frilled bottoms to match.

Kids Sunglasses

Together with sun protection for their skin, your little one’s eyes need just as much protection  from the sun. Again, sunglasses need to have the top rating UVB/UVA protection and Babiators are the best we’ve found (link to Babiator blog). Ok, we are a little biased. In all honesty, anything that is practically unbreakable and safe for kids is a win in my book. Both you and your cool, shade wearing little person will be singing their praises.

Toddler Beach Booties

How hard is it to keep shoes on the baby, let alone while out at the beach or pool? We usually just opt for barefoot is best and move on. But I always wondered about protection for their feet. Minnow solved the problem with a wetsuit for their feet! Yep, little booties that fit like socks made out of wetsuit material. Wear them in the water or on the sand and no more burning feet or kids feeling anxious about the new beach sensations under foot.

Baby Skincare and Sunscreen

What would a summer essentials list be without the sun protection and Little Innoscents are sun protection with an added bonus. Their products are chemical and toxin free, so they are also completely safe for even the newest of skin. Their convenient Summer Pack is travel size so it fits in your handbag or beach bag ready for the day.

Personalised Swimming Goggles

How many times have your kids lost their goggles at the school swimming carnival or a day at the pool? I don’t even want to count how many pairs we have gone through and they are not always the cheapest things to buy. So, what if I was to tell you that you can get personalised goggles with your kids name on them! The first step to actually having the same pair see the end of summer in tact! Totally recommend!

Sun Parasol

And last but not least, another one just for you because after you have bought all those other goodies for the kids, you need a reward! Forget about the hat hair and don a parasol. It’s good enough for the Duchess and a most effective sun protection tool. Guaranteed to keep you covered and your gorgeous youthful looking skin staying just that! Another Australian made winning product.

So, remember I said I had a secret for you. Well, what if I was to tell you that you could win all of the above! Yep, you could be the proud owner of everything on our ultimate summer list.

Happy shopping and here’s to another blissful summer family fun.