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Bobux Size Chart

Bobux provide the measurements in the size chart below, to help you easily work out which size you need to purchase.

Simply measure the length of your child's foot (with their foot ''standing'' on a flat surface) and select the size to match. If your child measures in the middle of two sizes, go for the bigger size.

An age range is given for each size, but remember every pair of baby feet is different!  

Bobux Size Approx Age  Suited for Foot Length in mm
Small 3-9 mths 91-104
Medium 9-15 mths 105-118
Large 15-27 mths 119-132
19 9-15 mths 112-118
20 15-27 mths 119-125
21 15-27 mths 126-132
22 2 years 133-139