Surefit Childrens Shoes

Surefit Kids School Shoes

Comfort | Support | Durability

Surefit design quality leather kids school shoes with features included to make this range of ”preventative footwear” perfect for children.  Arch support helps prevent flat feet while the broad last, the three-dimensional mold used to make shoes, increases the side-to-side stability of your child’s feet. The firm heel counter in the Surefit range provides rear foot motion control and stability.  The rubber outer soles of these children’s school shoes are lightweight but provide great durability and grip.  Midsoles are designed with good flexion, so these shoes will adapt and move to suit your child’s natural movements without restriction.  In most styles of our boys and girls shoes for school the innersoles are removable so if your child wears orthotics or heel lifts there is plenty of room for them.

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