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Product Ratings

When looking at TopToe & Co, we rate the products we recommend on a five-star rating system. 1 star means the worst and 5 being the very best we are currently seeing on the market. We decide to rate our products to help customers know what is the best of the best and what could be considered more average. When we look at the products we promote and rate, there are many different facets that we keep in mind when deciding our rating. Some of these aspects can be accessibility, affordability, and the overall quality of the footwear.

5 stars

The footwear that TipToe & Co deems to be 5 stars means that we believe strongly that these shoes are the best of the best. There is nothing better and no other product can top them. These are products of premium quality and are extremely accessible to everyone.

3-4 stars

When we range products between 3 and 4 stars, these are still products we will recommend to our readers at TipToe & Co. Products here are still of premium quality, they may be a little bit less accessible but still available to everyone.

1-2 stars

You will not see footwear recommended on TipToe & Co that we believe to be worthy of 1 or 2 stars. The quality of these shoes is not premium quality materials, customers may have found them to break easier or get holes, lights may not work or wheels may not ride smoothly. TipToe & Co will not promote products of this range.

In wanting to be a trusted hub for all things footwear for both adults and children, TipToe & Co works very hard in making sure that we only promote the best products on the market. TipToe & Co wants to be a hub for all your curiosities and questions regarding footwear and we hope to be trusted by all our readers. We undertake a lot of research to ensure you have been promoted the best products. With feedback from our readers, we may reevaluate our ratings as we want to be both credible and accountable for our ratings.

Here at TipToe & Co, we pride ourselves to recommend the best shoes for the entire population, giving everyone access to something that will tickle the fancy of any shoe fanatic. We hope that all shoes promoted here are accessible for you, both in where you live and in affordability. If you have any questions or concerns about our promoted products, or you feel as if our comments and recommendations do not match the production value of the shoe you received, please do notify us immediately so we can adjust accordingly. We plan to be accountable and will be as accurate in our ratings and recommendations as possible.