Cozy Traveler Lambskin Stroller Liner


from UGG Express

Cozy Traveller Natural Australian Lambskin Stroller Liner #CTCRMSafe and healthy travel companion super soft to calm and soothe baby.
Natural lambskin insulates and ventilates keeping little bodies warm in winter and cool in summer, wicking moisture away from tender skin. Seamless quality crafted from the most luxurious, dense and silky lambskins of Australia. An ideal way to soothe and comfort baby while travelling. Soft and cozy, wool’s naturally dense fibres provide a calming texture. Every Cozy Traveler is sanitised for added protection against bacteria. Specification: Ideal for strollers and baby joggers. Insulates against both cold and heat. Reversible with cotton backing. Plush 30mm lamb’s wool pile. Fully machine washable. Universal fitting.


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