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BABY PAWS Sandy Blue Baby Sandals

Baby Paws Size Charts


Baby Paws provide the measurements in the size chart below, to help you easily work out which size you need to purchase.

Simply measure the length of your child's foot (with their foot ''standing'' on a flat surface) and select the size to match. If your child measures in the middle of two sizes, go for the bigger size.

An age range is given for each size, but remember every pair of baby feet is different!  

Baby Paws Size Approx Age in Months Suited for Foot Length in mm Our Aus Size
2 6-9 96-103 2
3 9-12 104-112 3
4 12-15 113-120 4
5 15-18 121-129 5
6 18-24 130-138 6



Get the perfect fit every time.

1. Measure your child's foot length

2. Add 10 mm growth room

3. Match that to the inner length of the size you need


Baby Paws Size Inner shoe length [mm] Our Aus Size
20 126 4
21 131 4.5
22 136 5
23 141 6
24 150 7

Gorgeous blue leather baby sandals from Baby Paws. ''Sandy'' is a simple pair of blue leather baby sandals that have been hand crafted in high quality leather. A great pair of  baby shoes in a gorgeous bright colour. The velcro tab opening allows these Baby Paws leather sandals to open easily to pop them on those busy little feet.

Baby Paws Leather Baby Shoes
We have hand picked our range from Baby Paws to bring you the cutest collection of soft sole leather baby shoes with impeccable quality and attention to detail from this Australian owned and manufactured brand. Using only the finest quality, certified non-toxic leathers and colour-matched suede soles, Baby Paws individually quality-check each pair, so you can rest assured you are buying the best possible first shoes for your baby girl or boy!

Soft sole leather shoes are recommended by podiatrists for supporting healthy foot development, allowing a baby to feel the floor underneath them as they learn to walk. The lightweight leather construction of Baby Paws baby shoes prevents stumbles and falls from unnecessary weight around the ankles and feet.

The Velcro closure makes these baby shoes easy to put on wiggly little feet. Designed to flex with the natural motion of your baby's feet, Baby Paws are perfect for prewalkers and first walkers.  These quality infant shoes have a padded soft leather collar for the ultimate comfortable fit. The suede outer sole allows excellent grip for little feet.

Caring for and cleaning your leather baby shoes
Baby Paws recommend the following steps to care for and prolong the life of their soft sole leather baby shoes.
  • Clean regularly with leather or suede cleaner
  • If you don't have a specific cleaner, you can use mild soap to gently dab or wipe off any dirt
  • After cleaning, blot with a towel to remove excess moisture
  • Stuff with paper towel and mould into their original shape, making sure the soles are flat
  • Allow to dry indoors and out of direct sunlight
  • Once the shoes are dry, you can ''work'' them with your hands to help restore their original buttery softness
  • The suede soles can be brushed with a suede brush, to remove dirt and maintain their non-slip properties