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BOBUX Step Up Daisy Boot Navy Shimmer

Bobux Size Chart

Bobux provide the measurements in the size chart below, to help you easily work out which size you need to purchase allowing room for growth.

Simply measure the length of your child's foot (with their foot ''standing'' on a flat surface) and select the size to match.

Bobux shoes are designed to include a little extra ‘wiggle room’, so sizing might seem larger than other brands. If your child measures at the beginning of a Bobux size, they’ll have around 14mm of space between their foot and the end of the shoe, allowing them 7mm of growth and 7mm of wiggle room. 

If your child measures right in the middle of two sizes, you can either go for the smaller size [knowing they won't have quite as much growth room] or the bigger size [knowing they may need to grow into them a little!].

An age range is given for each size, but remember every pair of baby & kids feet is different!  

Bobux Size Approx Age  Suited for Foot Length in mm UK US
Small 3-9 mths 91-104
Medium 9-15 mths 105-118
Large 15-27 mths 119-132
19 9-15 mths 112-118 3 3
20 15-27 mths 119-125 3.5 4
21 15-27 mths 126-132 4.5 5
22 2 years 133-139 5 6
23 2 years 140-145 6 6.5
24 2-3 years 146-152 7 7.5
25 2-3 years 153-159 7.5 8
26 3-4 years 160-166 8.5 9
27 3-4 years 167-172 9.5 10
28 4-5 years 173-179 10 10.5
29 4-5 years 180-185 11 11.5
30 4-5 years 186-192 11.5 12
31 5-6 years 193-199 12.5 13
32 6-7 years 200-206 13 13.5
33 7-8 years 207-213 1 1.5



Bobux Step Up Daisy Boots

The Bobux Step Up range is specifically designed for first walkers. The Bobux Daisy boot is all about the beautiful details. Flower decals, gold zipper and the most stunning navy shimmer leather that will match any outfit.

Easy to pop onto little feet, the Bobux Step Up Daisy boots are designed for the shape of toddler's feet and constructed to guide those early steps.

  • Flexible, breathable premium leather
  • Durable contoured outdoor soles
  • Slightly rounded sole base to support ankle stability
  • Non-marking soles
  • Child-safe and non-toxic materials and dyes
  • Multi-award winning kids shoe brand

Care Instructions

  • Polish leather every two weeks with a natural polish such as beeswax or a revitaliser cream. This will keep leather soft and protected and provide some protection from water.
  • Light scuffs can be reduced by rubbing beeswax or cream over affected area. 
  • Avoid fully immersing in water.
  • Dry your Bobux boots naturally, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not bleach, soak, or tumble dry.