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BUCKLE JR 1922 Banjo Elastic Belt

Beautifully crafted in the Buckle | 1922 factory based in Melbourne Australia, the Banjo is a quality kids elastic belt.  Buckle | 1922 have been hand crafting belts since 1922 and only the highest quality materials make it onto their production floor. You can be assured this is not just a belt, it's a beautiful accessory that will be well worn and well loved by you and your kids. Lovingly handmade in Australia and available in either black or navy elastic with nickle buckle.

Buckle Jr | 1922 Kids Belt Sizing
XS [3-4 years] - waist size 57cm

S [5-6 years] - waist size 62cm

M [7-8 years] - waist size 67cm

L [9-10 years]- waist size 72cm

Just like feet, all kids waists are different, so the age range is just a guide. We recommend you measure your child's waist and base your size selection on that measurement. Select the size that is closest to the waist measurement of your child.

Belt width: 25mm

Construction: Quality Belgian elastic, nickel buckle.