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CARTAGO Toddler Boys Prime Thongs


Cartago toddler boys thongs

This is an adorably cute pair of thongs for toddlers. In a rich dark brown these boys thongs feature a leather-look strap and flexible sole. The heel strap is velcro for easy wearing and keeps them securely on those little feet. Lined with dark green soft foam lining, they are designed for comfort.

Cartago Kids Thongs Size Chart

Please check the measurements in the chart below - we find the Cartago sizing is small and have included our equivalent Aus size in the chart for your convenience.

Cartago US size  Sole length cm  Our Aus size
5 11.5 3
6 12.5 4
7 13.5 5
8 14.5 6.5
9 15.5 7.5
10 16.2 8