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Seven baby shower presents that won’t get re-gifted!

Helpful baby shower gifts


So we’ve all seen it. You’re at a baby shower and the Mum-to-be opens yet another well-meaning gift that’s just a little bit impractical (how many Winnie The Pooh outfits does a 3 month old really need?) or boring (hello 0000 onesie in plain white, I’m looking at you!) and she politely says “Oh wonderful – thanks so much!”. But really, she’s thinking of many other useful things that the carefully wrapped and ribboned package may have contained. Here’s our list of helpful baby shower gifts that are guaranteed not to get re-gifted!

1. First up is a DIY Baby First Aid kit. Take a generously sized plastic container with a lid – something like Décor or Sistema – and fill it will all the things you found helpful in a medicinal sense. Baby paracetamol, baby ibuprofen, various teething and wind-releasing remedies, perhaps some baby nail clippers and cotton bubs, a saline nose spray, some eye or nose wipes, a eucalyptus chest rub like Euky Bear rub, and of course your favourite nappy cream!

2. Along the same theme, and possibly combined with the First Aid Kit if you are feeling generous or putting together a joint gift – is a quality thermometer. I don’t know about you but if you have ever contemplated holding a standard mercury thermometer under your baby’s armpit for 2 minutes while he conveniently holds still for you – well let’s just say that is not going to happen! Something like an ear thermometer can give you almost instant reassurance through its digital screen that in fact your baby doesn’t have a raised temperature, she just feels hot because she’s crying her little lungs out (arsenic hour sound familiar?).

3. Item number 3 is something for Mum. Yes we know it’s all about the baby but let’s remember that Mum has done the hard yards for 9 or more months and probably has a few more hard yards to come. So a beautiful piece of jewellery that’s not only fashionable but also practical will be well received. We love the gorgeous and affordable styles over at Nature Bubz, including these Elske Silicone Necklaces.

4. Our multi-purpose, hard-working fourth item is a pack of flat terry towelling or flannelette nappies. You know, the ones that your Grandma had to use. Every. Single. Day. Besides covering bottoms, they are fantastic as change mat covers, spew catchers and more. They wash well and are long lasting, and even better, they are cheap!


5. Sophie the Giraffe is old news – everyone is talking about our item number 5, the Gummee Glove!  These awesome gloves combine several different textures to offer relief during teething, plus the glove means younger babies without fine motor skills can still use them.


6. It’s a confusing world out there for new Mums when it comes to skincare for babies. Here at Tiptoe & Co we love using MooGoo products – their skin-friendly baby range includes natural creams for eczema, nappy rash and cradle cap as well as a soothing moisturiser, breast feeding balm and a gentle bubble bath.

7. Our final item is, of course, a pair of our soft sole baby shoes.  It’s highly likely that your new Mum has not even begun to consider footwear for those precious new baby feet.  Our soft sole leather shoes are the perfect first pair of shoes for any little bub.  Deliciously soft and supple, they are gentle on feet and long lasting. If you don’t know if you’re shopping for a baby boy shoes or baby girl shoes yet, just let us know and we can do a Gift Voucher just for the lucky Mumma-to-be!