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Shoes for Girls aged 5-8+ years

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Our range of shoes for girls includes quality kids leather sandals, casual sneakers, and beautiful girls boots. Something for every occasion from brands including Surefit Australasia, Vans, Converse, Cool Chic, Activ, Walnut Melbourne and more! And don’t forget leather school shoes for girls from Surefit Australasia!

Care for little feet with the most adorable baby, toddler and kids shoes, sneakers and boots in Australia. Tiptoe & Co take the risk out of buying little boys and girls shoes online by delivering the finest quality and the greatest affordability! Shop our entire range of kids shoes, socks, tights and accessories online below!

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Shoes for Girls

We have handpicked our extensive range of girls shoes here at Tiptoe & Co with a focus on quality, comfort and style. This category starts at around size Aus 10 and we do have smaller sizes in our Girls 1-4 years category. You can use our Filter function to filter by size, style, brand, colour and more. It's at the top on a mobile device and on the left hand side on a computer.