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Surefit Kids Shoes – Why We Love This Australian Brand!

Why We Love Surefit Kids Shoes For Quality and Functionality.


How do you know when a shoe is a good one? Sure, it might be the feel, look, colour, brand name but usually it just comes down to quality. Quality materials, quality soles and quality made. Get that right and the rest is purely cosmetic.

When it comes to kids shoes, we know all too well how important the quality of a shoe needs to be. Kids are rough. They run, play, jump, skip, hop and everything in between in their shoes and sadly, they don’t often live long to tell the story.

How many times have you been back to the shops to replace a week old pair of shoes? It’s a bit too common hey. To be honest, I got sick and tired of poorly made shoes falling apart after a week. Sure they looked great and my kids usually loved them because they no doubt had spiderman or sparkles or some sort of character on them. But no amount of sparkles or cartoon characters can replace a quality shoe.


So where do you find quality kids shoes online in Australia?

Surefit Australasia is an Australian brand that we love. They specialise in kids shoes and have been in the business since 1984! That’s a long time to perfect their brand and we think they are onto a winner.

Surefit pride themselves on kids shoes that are functional, supportive and top quality. They believe in the “preventive system” where shoes are made correctly from the get-go to prevent foot issues later in life. Kids shoes need to provide support to little feet with good arch support, wide toe area for movement and good heel support for stability.

The other big feature of Surefit kids shoes is the flexible rubber soles. This is really important in kids shoes to help with stability, movement and support. Rubber soles that flex with the foot help to keep a good foot motion when walking as opposed to hard soled shoes that provide little to no flexibility.


Surefit Fun Facts:

  • They make school shoes that will actually see out week one and beyond!
  • They have a wider toed area for toe spread and movement.
  • A lot of their styles are velcro closures which is perfect for little hands.
  • The Mani boot is one of their most popular styles.
  • Their range features boots, sandals, Mary Jane’s, sneakers and school shoes.
  • Surefit are based in Melbourne, Australia

If you are looking for a pair of quality Australian branded shoes for your kids, look no further than Surefit. We’re sure you will love. Try them risk free from our store, we just know they will become your go to shoe in no time at all.