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Ten great uses for baby wipes

Thought Baby Wipes Were Just For Bottoms – You’re Wrong!


As a parent, the trusty baby wipe is right up there with nappies when it comes to baby staples. You literally can’t get past day 1 without them. There’s not a modern day butt that hasn’t been given the baby wipe treatment. Interestingly though, wet wipes in their basic form were only invented in the 1950’s. Side note, I am now wondering what they used before then. Thank goodness we don’t need to worry about that!

One thing you will notice though, by the end of the nappy stage, you will have a packet of baby wipes in every bag and car you own and one in almost every room of your house. Because like tupperware containers, you buy another pack just in case.

Thankfully, those half open packets don’t have to go to waste. Baby wipes are not only good for wiping cute little tooshes, they have a plethora of other uses. And after reading this list, we’re pretty sure you’ll be buying baby wipes well into the teenage years!

  1. Makeup Remover – Baby wipes are not only good at removing the obvious, they make amazing makeup remover wipes. Handy for on the go. Oh, and a fraction of the cost of the branded makeup wipes too.
  2. Hands and Face – Baby wipes are great face and hand wipes. They remove all sorts of food and even paint from faces, hands and all the other places kids love to decorate!
  3. Furniture –  Baby wipes make great furniture cleaners. Especially if you didn’t quite get to little Johnny’s fingers before he made it to your white leather lounge.
  4. Hair Colour – If you’re a DIY hair colour gal, then you’ll know hair colour is a little unforgiving on your skin. Baby wipes make great overspill cleaners.
  5. Cleaning the car – The inside of a car can get pretty grubby. Especially when you have kids eating and drinking in there. Grab some baby wipes and give it the once over. They’re great for seats, steering wheels, seat belts and even dashboards.
  6. Shopping trolleys – Disgustingly, shopping trolleys can be pretty grubby surfaces. A packet of baby wipes in your handbag could save you a week of illness. For the win right there!
  7. Cleaning shoes – this one is near and dear to our heart for obvious reasons. Baby wipes makes great shoe cleaners. Use them to wipe over leather or canvas surfaces and even the soles to remove mud and dirt. Super easy and effective. No drying time needed.
  8. Soiled clothes – As parents, our clothes (and the kids!) don’t stay clean for very long. Baby wipes make great spill cleaners and have even been known to be used by the retail industry to clean soiled clothes to reshelve!
  9. Beach trips – With summer coming up, trips to the beach are possibly on the cards. Baby wipes are great for removing sand and sunscreen after a day at the beach.
  10. Camping trips – Baby wipes are great for wiping down cutlery or camping equipment when fresh water isn’t always available. Also good for when showering facilities aren’t nearby if you get my drift!


Do you have any uses for baby wipes that we could add to the list? Who knew something so simple was so versatile.