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The Iconic Converse Shoes: Why You Can’t Put Them In a Time Capsule.

If there is ever a brand that has stood the test of time it’s Converse. Their signature shoe, the Chuck Taylor All Star, was created all the way back in 1917! Hard to believe they have been around for over 100 years. But where most brands move with the times and reinvent themselves, Converse has stayed true. The Chuck is as recognisable today as it was all those years ago.

Converse is a branding genius with the iconic star that we recognise as easily as the “Maccas Golden Arches” or “The Nike Tick” – yet it was made decades before any of the others. Converse shoes are riddled throughout the history books from famous basketballers to famous movie stars who donn them like they are the newest, hottest thing. From Biebs to Hayden Panettiere and our very own Hugh Jackman in between, Converse shoes are not like a box of chocolates. You always know what you’re gonna get… and we love them for that.

Here’s some fun facts about Converse that you may not have known.

  1. The Chuck was originally invented as an athletic shoe, not a grunge shoe as it is more commonly worn today! It became popular as a Basketball shoe, worn by most basketballers until the 60’s when leather Adidas shoes came in (remember those!). PS: Basketball was invented in 1891, but the NBA wasn’t founded until 1946!
  2. The Chuck All-Star is named after a Converse salesman and basketballer, Chuck Taylor. He would spend his time selling the shoes, making a tidy profit and name for himself as well as the brand during the 1920’s. His name wasn’t added to the shoes until 1932.
  3. Converse originally sold gumboots! The company began in 1908 selling rubber rain boots until the birth of the Chuck boot built their destiny.
  4. The All-Star design still has its trademark style after 100 years. Converse did try and mix it up a little in the 90’s with some perfecting of finishing touches, however there was a backlash by the loyal followers because they were “too perfect”. Converse went back to the imperfect rubber edges that make them iconic.
  5. Converse didn’t intend or want to be a punk brand. They were set on being athletic shoes, consistently marketing themselves as sports shoes as late as 2012. Realising they weren’t in that market anymore, they adopted their new image.
  6. Converse own a music studio called Rubber Tracks (see what they did there!) where they let musicians record for free.
  7. Chucks were originally only in the high top design and didn’t branch out the the Oxford style until 1962.
  8. It wasn’t until 1966 that Converse would break away from the black and white traditional shoes, introducing colour options to the range.
  9. In 2001 Converse was almost lost for good, filing for bankruptcy due to the popularity of newer brands in the sporting arena. Ironically, they were saved by Nike who now own them.
  10. Converse shoes have appeared in many movies including:
  • Rocky – You can see Rocky training in Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops as they were still considered a sports shoe in the 70’s.
  • Back To The Future – Michael J Fox is sporting a pair of traditional black high tops.
  • I, Robot – Will Smith also admires a pair of black high tops.
  • Footloose – Kevin Bacon turns the sports shoes into dancing shoes!
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – The classic 90’s movie sees Keanu sporting the traditional black high tops also.
  • Sex and The City – Carrie adorns a pair of black Oxfords which look great with the white jeans (of course!)
  • Seinfeld – Not a movie I know, but Kramer wearing unmatched red and green cons is a real eye-catcher worth mentioning.
  • Jurassic World – Yep, even as recently as 2018 cons are being featured in top movies! Here we see little girl Maisie sporting a pair.
  1. Converse shoes are one of the only shoes that will never go out of fashion. The only reason you’ll be buying more is to go the next size up or pick a new colour!

We love Converse shoes and we especially love that they have created them in miniature so our kids can look just as cool in their Cons too. There is nothing like keeping the tradition going and getting the kids hooked early will ensure Converse shoes are around for another 100 years.

So, in answer to our question – why can’t you put Converse shoes in a time capsule?

Because they are the only item on earth that will look the same when the capsule is opened in 100  years time!

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