Easy online kids shoe shopping!

There is no standard Australian kids shoe sizing – so different brands will size their shoes differently.

This is why you should always base your purchase on a foot measurement and the shoe size inner measurement. 

There’s just THREE easy steps to follow.

What Size Shoe Do I Order?

Step 1 – Measure your child’s feet (we are here to help with this – see below!)

Step 2 – Add growth room to the measurement. You should add around 0.5-1.0 cm for babies and 1.0 cm for toddlers & older kids

Step 3 – Match this measurement (foot length + growth) to the inner measurement of the sizes in the style you like (you will find this info on each product listing) and that’s the size you should order!

Working out kids shoe sizes

How To Measure Your Child’s Feet

how to measure feetTo measure your child’s feet, stand them on a piece of paper in bare feet. Make sure they are bearing weight and standing up straight. Trace around the heel and the toes, as close to their foot as possible. Then measure the length in a straight line from end of big toe to back of the heel. Since one foot is often larger than the other, make sure you measure both feet. You should generally purchase the size that fits the largest foot.

You can print our free children’s foot size measurement chart to help you – this makes measuring kids feet even easier!

YOU MUST print the chart at 100% (do NOT check “page scaling” or “fit to page” etc or your chart will print incorrectly).

Print the Tiptoe & Co feet measuring guide - PRINT AT 100%



Shoe Sizes For Our Brands

How does it work?

Once you have those feet measured, you’re ready to shop! Unless otherwise stated, shoe length listed on each shoe style is the inner measurement for that size. Just check the style listing for full details.

For baby styles, add about 5-10 mm (0.5 to 1 cm) to your babies foot length measurement and that gives you the inner size you need. If your baby is in between sizes, we recommend you go up a size. Or, just send us an email and we can help you work it out!

For toddlers you want about 10 mm (1 cm) of wiggle room so add that to the foot measurement and that’s the inner shoe size your little toddler needs! Obviously sometimes your kids feet length will fall between two sizes, and that’s where you just need to use your judgement as to which size is best i.e. if you would have 8 mm growth room in one size and 14 mm growth room in the next size, it’s probably better to stick with the smaller size.

Sometimes our brands do not supply us with the inner sole measurements, so we may list the outer sole measurement instead, or an Aus equivalent sizing. If you need help with this, or have any questions on how to choose the right shoe size for your kids, just send us a quick message via our Contact page.

Our Australian Shoe Size Conversion Chart

We have created a conversion chart that allows you to compare the approximate Aus shoe size for all the shoes we stock. This chart is specific to OUR STORE and OUR SHOES.

Our chart below will help you work out the approximate Aus size you need based on your child’s foot measurement plus growth room. We do recommend you double check the size chart on the shoe style you are purchasing as there can be slight variations between brands and styles. But using this chart gives you a great starting point!

 What If I Buy The Wrong Size?

Here at Tiptoe & Co, your happiness is important to us – after all, our customers are part of the family! But we know that sometimes shopping for items online can be a little tricky. With this in mind, we have created our ”Happiness Guarantee” and we think you will agree it’s a recipe for finding the perfect pair of kids shoes for your little one.

We cover postage one-way on size exchanges (once per order) and if you don’t love your purchase you can return it for a refund (or store credit for sale/discounted items).

We’ve done all the hard work for you in bringing together an amazing collection of online kids footwear and accessories – so sit back and relax!

I Don’t Have A Printer!

If you don’t have access to a printer to print our size chart, then fill out the form below with your name and postal address details. We will post you out one of our free handy retractable measuring tapes, and you can use that to measure those little feet!